He flies up to Toronto for some shenanigans and ends up spending a few days in the clink. Gadda exposes apparent evangelical affiliations of several individuals involved in creating and setting the agenda of the exhibit. ”  The representation began five years ago, in response to the first corruption investigation by the feds.   Raphael Golb is blocked from testifying about the letter. of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University, publishes The Three Temples, in which she rejects the Qumran-sectarian theory and focuses on links between the Dead Sea Scrolls and priests in Jerusalem.  Article featuring NG’s views in the New York Times (21 Nov. 1980: NG publishes article Philosophical Society) laying out accumulated evidence for Jerusalem origin of Scrolls.

Golb’s article suggests that he is distressed by the lack of scholarly attention to his theory. ”  The article traces history of original scrolls monopoly (all of whose members were Christian) and its consequences, citing The New York Times and other sources. New York University, as well, did not immediately respond to phone messages seeking comment. Hershel Shanks (the editor of Biblical Archaeological Review), as well as Drs.   Stephen Goranson had been booted from the original ANE, but frequently publishes “pro-Essene” statements on ANE-2. nêÍ@oëÍgП_ý ùRm´øñœÙüVëéǯ]ÙO\ÃzóKן殟|™æ]sl¶ÇòP\M‚kß­ÁõÛ«º«7ŠŒ~g =pm|K.   Judge Berkman rules that “neither good faith nor truth is a defense to the crimes charged.

’” June 27-28, 2007: Comments appear on various websites accusing Dr. from the Duke religion department in 1991), repeatedly posts comments treating Essene theory as a proven fact, disparaging NG, and purporting to identify errors in his book on internet sites (including Amazon.   Brief statement critical of exhibit, signed by “Raphael,” appears on blog of Christian bible scholar Claude Mariottini in Illinois..
. Jose Angel Santana gave the 127 Hours star a D after he failed to attend almost all of his classes at New York University s Tisch School of the Arts. ...

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